TMS – Temporary Marketing Specialist

Marketing Manager expert in digital communication


The Temporary Marketing Specialist is the manager with high digital and web marketing skills, oriented towards the production of qualified leads and the conversion of contacts into customers to increase the turnover of your company.

A complete digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing sales has:

  • market trend analysis, Brand Reputation, competition analysis,
  • identification of the best performing targets and digital channels for your business model and for your sector,
  • research and first contact with your Prospects through digital tools and methodologies such as Social Selling,
  • constant monitoring thanks to Data Analysis and Machine Learning.
Marketing strategy

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Digital marketing media


The proposed service is aimed at generating contacts and prospects.

However, like every service and process that we have defined or that we will define together with the Customer, it is a continuous cycle and is monitored through innovative tools that allow cyclically optimizing and improving performance.